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Our aim is to build and manage aquariums as a means to protect aquatic environments. By bringing closer to the public their wonders and processes, we trust that people will develop an emotional link with the seas and rivers to promote a greater respect towards them, as well as inducing a long term trend in which people will make, in all the aspects of their lives, a better and sustainable use of their resources.

Our company philosophy, in terms of biological accuracy and intention, will look after the correct display of the systems together with educational and research programmes, involving both young and elders, and presenting nature as a great yet vulnerable mesh from which humans can not be disassociated.

We can design educational activities intended for all publics, as well as conservational programmes spanning from talks to field trips and hands-on experiences. By working with other aquariums and organizations, we can take part in both personal and international research programmes, focused on the conservation of aquatic biodiversity and resources and on reducing the impact of trading with natural species intended for aquariums (private and public).

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