Project management
management management

From the building process to the management of the operational aquarium, Bluedisplays can make the best out of the possibilities of your project. Through our different departments, we concentrate all the disciplines and know-how needed for the elaboration and realization of all projects related to public aquariums. By working together, we can make sure all parts enjoy from the knowledge of the others.

By managing the Aquarium, Bluedisplays can make sure, first, that the biological collections and all the LSS systems are perfectly kept and functioning at their best. Secondly, we can offer services for the proper integral management of the Aquarium to meet the quality and profits expected, including administration, marketing, catering and merchandising. Thirdly, our team of experts will devise educational and scientific activities while also using the aquarium as a host for a wide range of events. And last, but not least, by planning the evolution of the Aquarium we can design a whole range of improvements and temporal interventions so that the aquarium not only works properly, but improves and changes continuously.

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